Welcome to Strong Urge To Fly

Strong Urge to Fly....encouraging and developing Artists worldwide to take those first steps towards a successful career. With a background in working for the world’s largest Media Organisations (BBC Television, Warner Bros Music, Warner Chappell Music, Peermusic, DreamWorks Music, Viacom ) the team behind Strong Urge to Fly know what it takes to get the Artist to where they need to be.

Anyone can build a following for an artist......Strong Urge to Fly builds the right following for an Artist. A following that they can build upon to help establish a substantial and long lasting career.

Fanbase Creation and Management

How do we do that? Well that would be telling except for the fact that our results speak for themselves. If you’ve got this far then you’ve already spoken to one of our Senior Management Team so you already have “a rough idea of the plot”.

If you haven’t then get in touch via our contact details below and lets chat and see how we can help..

Then of course, there is no such thing as standing still. It is an ongoing process and standing still is in reality slipping backwards as the competition moves past you

Cross Platform Promotion

It’s no longer adequate just to say you have a Facebook Page and are active on Twitter. You have to link the two and coordinate how you communicate to your fans.

Then of course there’s EyeEm, Instagram,Keek, Pheed, Pinterest, Soundcloud, Tumblr and Vine. It’s an ever changing Social Landscape that todays fans inhabit and your strategy has to evolve and adapt accordingly.

Ongoing Channel Management

OK, you’ve now set up your Social Media presence and you’ve tweeted, tumbled and Pinned your material so now what? Well you have to approach Social Media and the various channels as a series of Living Entities.

It’s no longer suitable to think “One Size” fits all.

What works on Twitter may not work so well on Facebook and certainly a different approach has to be taken to Instagram and Pheed etc but.........coordinated and executed professionally it is very much a case of the total exceeds the sum of the parts.